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The studio size is 240m2 of which 100 m2 is the actual shooting space.
The ceiling height is 3,20m.

250 € for a shooting day up to ten hours (overtime 25€ per hour)

Extra costs
25 € cleaning
5 € per person for drinks
5 € per meter of 2,7m backdrop paper used (please check for availability)
11 € per meter of 3,5m backdrop paper used (please check for availability)
Extra costs for electricity might apply, if you use HMI lights.

all prices plus 19% Tax

All of your equipment needs can be arranged.
Please call us for assistance.

We don't have any parking spaces on the property, but you can load and unload in front of the elevator and park the car on the street. Usually there are lots of spaces available.

About the studio
Keep in mind that the studio is part of a creative community,
so if you book the studio during the week, there will be some good looking
folk getting coffee in the kitchen from time to time. That said, we can
assure you that you will have a good time here without any disturbances.

About the Urban Collective
We are a creative community, focused an photography and graphic design.
Our members are:


Animatic Media
Storyboards online

Jan Rasmus Voss



the urban collective studio
the urban collective studio
the urban collective studio

How to get here:

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The Urban Collective
Urbanstr. 116
10967 Berlin

M: +49 [0]163 23 60 231
P: +49 [0]30 96 08 78 33

The Urban Collective, Bürog.
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